We will hold our raffle in 2 of November (death day holiday) 2013 where the winners will receive the art pieces which were donated by the artists who collaborated in the Rural and Transdisciplinary Artistic Production Project With Ranchers in the San Dionisio Region (The Project is: Proyecto Interacción Rural y Producción Artística Transdisciplinar con Rancheros de la Región de San Dionisio©

We have had some good and powerful experiences during involved in developing our first edition Project.

The Project offers a close-up experience within a region that creates a cultural ecology in Baja California.  Which has been principally in the incredible community located in the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Reserve, land which is preserved and protected internationally by UNESCO.


The creation of our second edition of the project is, up to this moment, thanks to the sales of the first product: The Cultural Supplment ‘Formulato’ ©which include the tickets for the original art pieces that were donated.


This Cultural Product is made possible thanks to a grant received from the Programa de Apoyo a las Culturas Municipales y Comunitarias (PACMyC), a coordination of the Department of Popular Culture and National Council for Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA).


We are inviting you to participate in the Second Edition with this


Temporary Residence.


The Rural Interaction Project offers lodging to all the participants, daily organized actvities including lectures, workshops, hiking and others. The participation minimum is three nights and four days. As a collective we are able to offer various options and levels of participation. Rural Interacion has created special collaborative packages in agreement with participating ranches.


We have 5 slots available for the following two concepts:


Concept A (3 spaces available)

Basic Package (participant pays special rates)

3 Foods per day

Accommodation: Camping (place in house campaign)


Concept B (2 positions available)

Luxury Package (participant pays special rates)

3 Foods per day.

Luxurious rustic cabin.


We have 5 slots available for the concept C:

Concept C

Collaborative Package 1 (participant pays for their stay only)

3 meals (rural interaction paid)

Accommodation (place in house bell)


We have 5 slots available for concept D.

Concept D

Collaborative Pack 2 (Rural Interaction pays all the participant)

3 meals (rural interaction paid)

Accommodation (camping) paid by interaction Rural.

Transport between the municipality of Los Cabos and La Paz rural interaction paid.

If you want to spend more time at the ranch we work exchange options.

Option 1 Work 3 hours per day, 3 meals per day and pay a special rate for camping.

Option 2 You work six hours per day, 3 meals per day and camping stay is included.

Option 3 pay special rates for stay and food tradable activities.




I will pay my lodging, transportation , and feeding during a temporary stay ?

We are willing to offer special rates Project .

You can pay special rates or by exchange of collaborative work, in case you decide to stay for a long time more .

Rural Interaction may pay a portion of income l first class rustic cabins , not the total .

See our section on Temporary Residence .

Let's go in groups or individually ?

Ideally, go in groups, as part of the project's objectives is to work collectively, however, Rural and Community Interaction can meet you individually , for a more extended time .

Who are the organizations and / or institutions responsible for promoting the project?

We have presented two NGOs and are willing to support this project , you belong to one , you know one , welcome , or are socially responsible business , we want to know , and work together , we want to be part of the Institutional Revolution in Mexico , we believe that Mexico if you can, we want to respect and be respected by the current laws of Mexico , a better future is possible.

The collaborative work will be speaking to the furrows to plant ?

The collaborative work of which we speak furrows do not necessarily mean there is an index of topics to choose from, you 'll have the freedom to choose , according to your skills, interests and abilities , which will obey the strategically designed activities program for Rural and Community Interaction .

going to pay my original art pieces for the collection time traveling ?


So what is the benefit I get from participating in the interaction Rural?
Being a Collaborative Project , the main objective is all benefit , with your donation , we will strengthen , promote and preserve the Rancheria Rural Culture of Baja California Sur . Teaching / Learning / Interaction Collaborative / porvenircultural .

Participants first Edition 2012-2013
Dawn Lynne Tunnicliffe (Alba Monroy):  
Mexican Canadian journalist, visual artist, writer. [poems 15, 16; paint 29,30; photogrphs page's 1, 21, 22, 23]

Prissma Lara:
La Paz, Baja California Sur: Professional photographer.  Active School of Photography. Urban portrait, contributes her inspiration documenting the personality of the Southern Baja Californian. [photographs page's 10, 31, 32]
Santiago Martinez Bringas:
Head of Project, poet, visual artist. [pp. 2, 9; poem pp. 11, 19, 22 25, 26, 27] Collaborators in the measurement of water levels in the “Bringing the Water” project: (Canada) Patrick Tunnicliffe E, Claire Leitch; (Mexico) Dante Ehecalli Martinez Cesena, Catarino Rosas Espinoza, Alba Monroy.
Gabriel Rodríguez: Writer, visual artist. [page's 17, 18]
Iran Gonzalez: Biologist, visual artist. [page 19]
Josafat de la Toba: Editor, graphic designer, photographer. [page's 9, 25, 26, 27, 28]
Catarino Rosas Espinoza, Californio Rural Ranch:  Adventure tourism guide. Available to cover every corner of the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere in order to “erradicate” those cattle -- introduced by the Spanish population during the sixteenth century -- so damaging to the endemic life of the Sierra La Laguna and the native ecosystems, promoting desertification. So good in protein. [page's 9, 23]
Luz Lopez, Californio Rural Ranch:  Matriarch of family, gastronomist.
Gustavo Santiago de Martínez. Rural rancher.
Rey David Dominguez Petit, La Paz BCS: Still and Video Nature Photographer, participant in the Festival for the Sierra, official photographer for the Troyanas, a female team of flag football. [pp.18, 19]
Claudio Nunez Cosio: The best leatherworker in Baja California Sur and beyond our frontier. [page's 10, 31, 32]
El Refugio Ranch, El Guayparin Ranch, El Chinal Ranch, Santa Victoria Ranch, El Acerradero Ranch.

Raffle Results First Edition 

Name                                               Place                   Ticket #                                Art tittle / Media  / Artist

1.-Maria del Carmen Ordo;ez       / Los Cabos, Mexico       / 197        "Hand Craft" / Photo / Prissma Lara

2.-Carol Dixon                             / Los Barriles, Mexico    / 55              "Eye Horse" /Photo / Prissma Lara

3.-Yvette Rothwiler                / Canada                       /194                "Kids at La Sierra"/Photo/Prissma Lara

4.-Paul Meredith                 /Cabo del Este, Mexico  / 45                       "Do;a Luz" / Photo / Prissma Lara

5.-Miriam Rojas Galvan / Los Cabos, Mexico        / 41                     "Don Claudio" / Photo / Prissma Lara 

6.-Peter Domecq         / Los Cabos, Mexico         / 18              "Vista al Rancho" / Photo / Josafat de la Toba

7.-Darryl Tunniclife  / Vancuver, Canada          / 126               "Piedras"            / Photo / Josafat de la Toba

8.-Wess Chauncey/ Canada                             / 54                     "El Refugio"      / Photo / Josafat de la Toba

9.-Anne Ridard        / Paris, Francia                  /112                        "Venus"           / Photo / Josafat de la Toba

10.-Rosa A. Villagomez Jurado   / Los Cabos / 34                      "Don Claudio_2" /Photo/ Josafat de la Toba

11.-Richard Roberts               / Los Cabos / 13                    "Traer el Agua" / MixMedia/ Santiago M Bringas

12.- Erin Leitch                      /ciudad de Mexico/ 177         "Flor de Cardon" / Paint.Oil / Alba Monroy

13.-Juan Carlos Adib                /Pescadero, BCS, Mexico/44     "Clavelina"          /Paint.Oil / Alba Monroy

14.-David Browl                / Canada                     /57      "Ventana Distante_1"/MixMedia/Gabriel Rodriguez

15.-Jacinto Avalos          /Los Cabos                  /17        "Ventana Distante_2"/MixMedia/Gabriel Rodriguez

Thanks to all the support from our contributors, sponsors, and volunteers we raised more than $20,000 pesos MX in the last five months! Donations received will go to the San Dionisio community, and  contribute to the continuation of this Art and Cultural "Rural Interaction" Project to offset costs and production of subsequent editions, exhibitions and workshops with the participant artists and residents of the ranches in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Available NOW 

Poster with post-cards inludes art, photography, literature and a QR Scan Code with English translation: $200.00 peso MX (min) donation
Ranch Day Lunch and Hiking Tours
Discover La Sierra in Baja California Sur
Meet an original Rancher family: learn local facts and legends.
Enjoy an Authentic  Regional Rancher's Lunch including farm grown Organic Vegetables
2 hour hike  (easy to challenge trails available)
Bilingual Guide
First Edition of Formulato,  with raffle ticket, chance to win original art
$800.00 pesos MX per person
 (Advanced booking with deposit required - Group Discounts Available)




April 2, 2015 at the Art District. beside Casa Dahlia Gallery, San Jose 5-8pm

Rural Interaction


Cordially invites you to visit its Art Exhibit and Press Conference.

Cultural Supplement Formulato and Project Presentation.

 Fecha/Date: June 29, 2013.

 Doors open at 4pm - Presentation is at 8pm.

Lugar/Location: Vidanta Golf Punta Sur & il Forno di Gio Restaurant.

(#1 Paseo Finisterra, col. Campo de Golf, San Jose del Cabo)

The presentation briefly traces the history of the project and will explain how you can participate in preserving and promoting local ranch culture and local artists.

Join us ! ! ! 


Cultural Supplement Formulato

Lunas de Octubre La Paz 2013

24,25,26 de Octubre.

Centro Cultural La Paz.


Original Art Piece Raffle, 1st Edition

Celebrate this long awaited event, part of the Day of The Dead festivities in the Main Square, Santiago.

31 October 2013

6:30 pm.  



Rural Interaction Artist Project and Poster Cultural Souvenir with art, literature, and photos created by artists and ranchers in Baja California Sur.  Chance to win Original Art!

Thankyou very much Organic Market San Jose

Thanyou very much Art District San Jose

Rural Interaction and Transdisciplinary Art Production Project with Ranchers from SudCalifornia / Proyecto Interaccion Rural y Produccion Artistica Transdisciplinar en la Rancheria SudCaliforniana. San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos. Baja California Sur, Mexico. 23400
(624) 11.073.89