Art and Transdisciplinary Rural Interaction Project 3rd. Edition






The Rural Interaction Project is an independent, not-for-profit artist residency program aimed at preserving the ranch culture in the Sierra La Laguna. It is located in the UNESCO protected biosphere where the ranch communities live off-grid.  It was founded by Santiago Martinez Bringas and was established in 2009. A diverse array of artists, national and international, established and emerging, participates in a temporary residence on a local ranch. From this experience they produce a minimum of one work that is donated to the project to be exhibited and included in its annual printed catalog.


The Rural Interaction Project aims to promote the continued development of art while interacting with the ranch culture in the Sierra La Laguna preserving and sharing this unique way of life with thousands of people each year. This project aims to assist in the preservation and promotion not only of the cultural aspect of life in San Dioniso but also the preservation of the land through the promotion of responsible eco-tourist activities such as: hiking, bird-watching, organic farming and camping, which these communities offer.

Since its founding in 2011, The Rural Interaction Project has presented 3581 visitors with over nine exhibitions and two public programs (PACMYC and FONCA).  On January 7 - 2014, Rural Interaction hosts the results of its second-year program at a Benefit Auction, a gathering of friends to commemorate two editions of a successful program.

The Benefit auction is hosted by Lic. Rogelio Rosas (Rancho El Refugio), Dawn Lynne (DXS), Lic. Javier Lieras. (Rancho San Francisco / Fundacion Juvenil Guayagui AC) 
The benefit auction includes works from 20 leading and (local, national, and international) emerging contemporary artists.           

The auction will benefit the Fundacion Guayagui AC in Miraflores, and the San Dionisio community with whom Rural Interaction will be coordinating subsequent residency programs. 

All proceeds from the evening will go to Rural Interaction’s residency program, its annual calendar of exhibitions, public programs, and events, ensuring the long-term preservation of the culture, land and people of one of Los Cabos’ important communities: the ranchers of Baja California Sur.

Though we have some government support we will need a little more to make this a successful awareness and educational event. We are looking for people who are interested in promoting and preserving this local culture and land.

Through this series of events and presentations, we are confident that sponsors will be satisfied with the returns of their support.                                                                       

Help us help the ranching community in San Dionisio, and the preserve this pristine untouched land forever by getting to know another side of Baja California Sur and supporting ranch alternative-eco-cultural-tourism. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information as well as discuss how we can structure a sponsorship program to meet any of your sponsor requirements.

We appreciate your support and interest to be part of this exciting publication and cultural regeneration. 


Rural Interaction and Transdisciplinary Art Production Project with Ranchers from SudCalifornia / Proyecto Interaccion Rural y Produccion Artistica Transdisciplinar en la Rancheria SudCaliforniana. San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos. Baja California Sur, Mexico. 23400
(624) 11.073.89